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SleekLens Workflows for Lightroom Review

September 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I was contacted by Sleeklens to do a review on their Lightroom/Photoshop workflows and presets. After thinking about it for a bit, I decided why not have a look at Sleeklens Lightroom workflows presets and see how they stack up against my current workflow for landscape photo editing. I was looking to see if they could be a time saver and give the results that I am looking for in my landscape and seascape photos. So, they gave me access to a set of their workflows called "Through The Woods". These workflows and presets are designed for the landscape photographer. The workflow/presets are divided into 2 sections, the all-in-one presets and then the stackable workflow style presets and brush/gradient presets that can be creatively used to develop the photo. The all-in-one presets do exactly as their name suggests, click the preset and the image is done, maybe with a few tweaks of some settings for your particular photo. The presets generally follow a reasonably standard landscape style of editing; tone down highlights, open shadows, create a white and black point.  Whereas the stackable workflow presets you can run through six stages to adjust the photo. Base corrects, adjust the exposure, adjust the colour, work on the tone and then add some finishing touches and a vignette. Depending on your skill level then you can get more creative with the editing and use the brush and gradient presets to adjust select areas of the photo, rather than just the global adjusts.

To test out the presets I decided to use them on a couple of my seascape photos. to make it a fair comparison, I used an image that had one one exposure (some of my images have multiple exposures to build them because of the dynamic range of the scene). For comparison sake, I have included the original RAW file, the finalised Lightroom/Photoshop workflow image that I would normally produce, the all-in-one preset edit in Lightroom and the stackable workflow presets for Lightroom.

RAW FileRAW File RAW File - Steps to Cronulla Beach


Cronulla Beach Steps - My standard lightroom/Photoshop workflowCronulla Beach Steps - My standard lightroom/Photoshop workflow My Lightroom/Photoshop workflow


Sleeklens - All-in-one Dawn RisingSleeklens - All-in-one Dawn Rising Sleeklens - all-in-one Dawn Rising Preset


Sleeklens - Stackable preset workflowSleeklens - Stackable preset workflow Sleeklens -Stackable presets workflow (notice I decided to opt for a different colour sky in this workflow that was just a creative choice at the time)

As you can see the presets do a reasonable job, and for lots of people, this would be enough. However, for want I try to achieve with my landscape and seascape photos I still prefer the power, creative freedom, and complete control of the image that I have with doing the base adjustments in Lightroom manually for each image depending on the base photo, and then bringing them into Photoshop and working on individual areas of the photo to bring out my vision for the image.

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to quickly improve your landscape images then using presets such as Sleeklens' are a great way to go. If you want to pick up these presets and other presets designed for other styles of photography, then drop by their website -

Lightroom Presets:




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