SDL Photography | About

SDL Photography is founded by Simon, a passionate photographer based in Sydney, Australia. With over 30 years experience in photography, having learnt photography from his father (shooting, developing and printing B&W photos in a make-shift darkroom), and still willing to learn new techniques and styles of photography. As a photographer it is really is about pushing yourself and your creative vision to bring to life, a landscape, a person, and event or an idea. Being a life long learner, I value the lessons and experience from those wonderful people who have invested in me and I want to do the same in my life, to invest in others talent and passion.

Landscape and cityscape photography are a particular favourite for me. I love looking for new points of views and contrast between the hustle and bustle of cityscape versus landscape. Photography is not just about pushing the shutter and hoping for the best, it is about what vision you want to create. As my father says to me, 90 percent of any great photo happens behind the camera.

SDL Photography was previously known as Faith in Motion (which focused on Motion Design, Photography and Video). The move to SDL Photography reflects the change in direction towards a more photography based website, showing more of the work of SDL Photography as well as an expanding library of tutorials and how to's. If any previous customers of Faith in Motion need to get in contact with us, please use the contact form and we will get back to right away. I trust that this move will be both inspirational and also a great help to those wanting to improve their skills in photography and editing.